Blinds, Shutters & Screens

Venetian Blinds

Light control for every room

Naturally elegant, these beautifully finished Venetian blinds are a very effective window dressing. Venetian blinds offer so much versatility for control of light, privacy, airflow & filtering of harsh UV.

Thermacell blinds

Thermacell Blinds

Let quality cellular shades illuminate your home

This attractive, flexible, innovative blind is a top seller in stylish homes around the world. Its popularity throughout Europe, America and New Zealand is based not only on its exceptional looks but the insulating properties it offers you.

Contemporary shutters

Contemporary Shutters

Options for every room to bring interior elegance

The Santa Fe Contemporary Range provides an elegant and functional interior window covering. This range of imported shutters is made to custom fit in each individual opening and is of the highest quality.

Roller blinds

Roller Blinds

Functional and stylish to smarten up your home

Our contemporary, stylish and functional roller blinds are an extremely stylish window solution and add a touch of class to every home. They are one of the oldest types of blinds but have made a huge comeback to the top of in-trend interior fashion with the modern fabrics that are now available.