Roller Blinds

Smarten up your home

These contemporary, stylish and functional blinds add a touch of class to every home.

Roller blinds are an extremely stylish window solution and are the height of fashion at the moment. They are one of the oldest types of blinds but have made a huge comeback with the modern fabrics that are now available.

At Santa Fe, we have sourced an extensive range of fabrics from a variety of suppliers to bring you the best selection of colours, textures, designs and prices. This allows you to make a decision based on both style and budget, without compromising the final look. This range of fabrics allows you to choose whether your blind offers full privacy and blockout, or partial privacy with various degrees of lightfiltering.

We can offer a variety of control systems from the standard chain through to full motorisation. Most of our fabrics can also be manufactured with matching panel curtains.

QUALITY: We pride ourselves on the quality of all our products and our roller blind range is no different.
MOTORISATION: Motorisation is available on all of our roller blinds. This includes retrofitted and solar motorisation options.


Sunfilters have earned their popularity through making your indoors more environmentally friendly. While they effectively block a great deal of heat and UV, they do not completely block your view. At night with the light on, you will see in through a Sunfilter blind. Sunfilter blinds are incredibly durable and easy to clean. They don’t collect dust and if anything spills on them, they can be wiped down with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Blockout blinds provide you with evening privacy and will help block the sun out. The majority of the Blockout fabrics have a backing that will increase the thermal efficiency of the fabric. This white backing means that you can vary the colours of the blinds in different rooms to match your décor but have a uniform look on the outside.

When roller blinds are installed within your window jamb there will be gaps of between 15-18mm between the fabric and the jamb. Also, if the window is too wide for the fabric then where two blinds meet, there will be a 15-20mm gap between the blinds.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom made to your order.
  • Fabric available in Blockout, Lightfilter or Sunfilter.
  • Large range of colours, textures and designs.
  • Wireless motorisation available on all fabrics.
  • Most fabics are available at 3000mm wide.
  • Easy to clean, just sponge down with a damp cloth.
  • Several fabrics are flame retardant and non-toxic.
  • Very durable.
  • Will reduce damage to your furnishings from harmful UV.
  • All roller blinds are manufactured at our factory in Tauranga.

Sheerweave is a fine weave Sunfilter fabric that will block 90-97% of UV to help keep the colours in your carpets and furnishings looking vibrant for years to come. The fabric has Greenguard Certification, is fire retardant and free of PVC and Lead to help maintain indoor air quality.

Santa Fe Lightfilters are a stylish and very cost effective solution if you do not require full blockout at night and want light to filter into the room during the day. They are most commonly used in the living areas of your home.

Vibe is our basic hardwearing Blockout fabric. It is easy to clean, PVC and lead free and available in 31 fashion colours. Select Vibe for kids rooms, kitchens, rental properties and offices.

Double Roller Blinds give you all of the options for light control that you may require. These are essentially two roller blinds installed in the same window. They will usually have a Sunfilter or Lightfilter fabric at the back and a Blockout fabric in the front. They are operated with separate chain or motor systems.