Thermacell Blinds

Warm up your home

Let quality cellular shades illuminate your home.

This attractive, flexible, innovative blind is a top seller in stylish homes around the world. Its popularity throughout Europe, America and New Zealand is based not only on its exceptional looks but the insulating properties it offers you.

Thermacell Blinds are designed to fit tightly into your window jamb. This enhances both the insulating and room darkening properties of the blind.

Insulation is achieved by trapping a still layer of air in the honeycomb construction of the fabric, thereby creating an effective barrier between the exterior and interior of your home. This still air layer reduces heat transfer and saves you money on your power bill both in summer and winter.

In winter, the blind serves to keep heat in your home creating a warmer, drier, healthier home for you and your family. Your heater will run at lower temperatures for less time and your power bills will drop.

If you leave the blinds down in summer, they reduce the amount of heat entering your home thereby decreasing the time your air-conditioner needs to run.

The design of the slim colour co-ordinated aluminium headrail combined with the crisp pleated fabric means that this blind will have minimal visual impact in your window or door when it is lifted.


With the large range of fabrics from Sheer through Lightfilter to Room Darkening combined with the innovative options for operation these blinds really do give you More Choices, More Comfort and More Energy Efficiency than any other blind you have ever tried.


  • Superior energy efficiency to reduce heating costs.
  • Exceptional insulating properties for a more comfortable home.
  • Compact stack depth when lifted to increase view.
  • Easy to clean – wipe with water or vacuum with a brush on.
  • Highly durable.
  • Light and simple to operate.

These award winning blinds are available in a wide range of colours to suit your design. Insulate your windows now so that you create a warm, healthy and draught free home for your family.

Cell Sizes

25mm Single Cell
45mm Single/Double Cell | 62mm Single/Double Cell


  • Custom made for your windows and doors.
  • Fabrics available in Sheer, Lightfiltering or Room Darkening.
  • Over 70 colours including 20 exclusive designer prints.
  • Innovative SmartRise system with no cords designed for child safety.
  • Top-down bottom-up gives maximum flexibility for optimal light and privacy control.
  • SmartFit is the best solution for skylights.
  • Retain heat in winter. Reduce heat gain in summer.
  • Cordloop gives easy operation of large blinds with no dangling cords.
  • DayNight combines the privacy of a sheer fabric lowered during the day, with a room darkening fabric lifted at night.
  • Fire Retardant fabrics available.